2. Ideas, or lack of…

It’s funny. I’ve got these ideas of what I want to talk about but none seem to be resonating with me at the moment. Some I’ve already written a blog post about (but not published yet) but most are just in idea form.

The mantra is, “Just start!”. So, that’s what I’m doing. Type, and see what happens.

[Deep down my anxiety is building as I’m thinking about what you’re going to be thinking about me just wittering on, and already this is happening in my second post. But that’s half the challenge, isn’t it? To write, and if people don’t like it they’ll stop reading. And that’s okay.]

So what happens next? Do I need to finish with something that draws you in to the next thrilling installment? Or is it just an underwhelming squib of a post?

I wasn’t expecting the dip to come so soon.

I suppose at the very least I’ve got a story for a later post about how badly my blog started.

Silver linings.

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