3. The death of fear is certain

It feels like we’re missing half of life.

It seems like we want to avoid ‘negative’ feelings. Anger, envy, boredom, distrust, hatred. We distract ourselves. We avoid situations. We think positive thoughts.

And it got me thinking that on average half of life can be negative, and because we think something is negative we don’t want to feel it or experience it.

A friend of mine mentioned a quote on the wall of an Indian military training camp that his father used to train at:

“Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.”

And the thing we fear is the ‘negative’ feeling we get from an action that we take or situation we put ourselves in.

People often say hate is the opposite of love, but actually I believe fear is the opposite. On the scale from love to fear we begin with gratitude, joy, peace (love) and make our way through contentment and boredom (neutral) down through envy, anger and hatred (fear). (Other emotions are available).

So the thing you fear is the emotion of a fear-based feelings. When we accept and sit with those feelings we can realise that it’s just a feeling and it’s not going to hurt us, at which point the death of fear is certain.